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The Last Splash – or – Not So Wet, Not So Wild

wnwlogoI’d heard a while back that Wet ‘n Wild, the first major water-theme park in Central Florida (and at the time of its opening in 1977 the largest in the world), was closing this year, and honestly thought it had already done so.  Last week when we were down there (more on that in other posts, eventually…) we drove by it and it actually still looked open, so something in the back of my head said either I was wrong, or maybe they decided to keep it open.  I was, of course, wrong on both accounts: Saturday is its last day.  So after 39 years of wild and wet fun at Wet ‘n Wild they’re going to drain the pools, pull down the slides and probably put some so bland and mediocre there you’ll never look twice at that lot again.


But for now you can enjoy the opening of it courtesy of WFTV Channel 9, Orlando’s ABC affiliate.

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