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Florida Welcome Station, aka Florida Citrus Center

Sunday, May 29, 2016
I-75 Exit 404

18625 NW County Road 236
High Springs, FL 32643

This is a classic stop, mostly because it is steeped with that classic mid-70’s feel, which probably because most of the items in the shop look like they’ve been there since the mid-70’s.  Tourists are lured in with the promise of seeing a “13 Foot Gator”, which is true, but they never said anything about a “LIVE” 13-foot gator.  And the sign as you come into the parking lot promises “No Lines”, and yet I waited in line behind two old women for over 10 minutes while the two (!) cashiers counted out their til money AT THE SAME TIME for shift change!  And once they’d cleaned their bin out the next two come in, AT THE SAME TIME AGAIN, and had to count in their money.  So it’s true there are no lines caused by the massive amount of customers, but there can be a very severe wait if you get there at shift change time.

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