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The Warehouse – Tallahassee, FL

News broke last week that The Warehouse, a local watering hole near FSU, was closing (or is it “being kicked out”) to make way for yet more so-called “student housing”. Based on the obscene amount of new “student housing” that has already claimed entire neighborhoods around campus it makes you start to wonder just how many “students” can FSU and FAMU actually have? In any case, The Warehouse was one of those old places that I never really considered a hang-out, and while I wouldn’t say I would use the term frequented, it was a classic campus dive bar, and I had gone there on numerous occasions in the far off past. So I will be sad to see it go. I didn’t get a chance to go before it actually shutdown to get any inside pics, but I was able to get a few snaps this weekend for posterity sake.

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