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Gum/candy Machines – Zaxbys N Tallahassee – September 29, 2017

Ah, the old wall of candy and gum machines!  There was a bank of these inside the Roses store in DeLand (it wasn’t a “discount” outfit then, it was still middle-of-the-road, I’m sure it was…) when I was a kid that I would covet over for hours (OK, I’m sure my dad only let me linger a few minutes, but it was hours TO ME!).  And then the K-Mart (yeah, it was still K-Mart even then, no two ways about that) across the street and down towards town had their own Wall Of Goodness to rival Roses’ one.  Both are gone now, and God only knows what became of those little glass cubes of wonder.  So I was very happy to see one materialize at the Zaxby’s on NE Capital Circle in Tallahassee, of all places.  To be fair it is a rather small selection, but I’ll take it for now.

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