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Eggman? Behind Waterworks – Tallahassee, FL – October 20, 2017

This crazy remnant was loitering on the wall behind Waterworks, what could it be?  The last time I was in Waterworks it wasn’t even yet Waterworks, it was still the old Kent’s Northside Lounge.  And I was only there a couple of times, my old-man-dive-bar back then was the Office Lounge, and while Office Regulars (of which I was) and Kent’s Regulars didn’t have any overt animosity towards the other there weren’t many that intermingled.  But Kent’s was a Classic for sure.  This Tallahassee Democrat “article” on Mid-town has a great story about how from 1986 until its final demise in 1999 (has it been 18 years already!?) they wouldn’t allow live music due to what sounds like an impressive concert by The Replacements.  How times have changed in Mid-Town (and not necessarily for the good…).

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