North Florida Fair 2016

After our scouting trip on Tuesday we were all set for a fun afternoon at the North Florida Fair, and after cashing in a couple Savings Bonds to cover the costs away we went.  It was a nice, somewhat cool day and thankfully the fair was not crowded at all, although by the time we left it did seem like the volume was increasing, although still no where near throng level (yet).  I was able to capture a good number of the rides, but none of us were much in a riding mood (there are plans on the table for Captain Calamari and me to go back tomorrow to ride all THREE Ferris Wheels, since Zendscn1344 did want to wait by herself today.  And speaking of Zen, right before we left, after the corn dogs, cheese fries, snow cones and cotton candy, she managed to ruin the bottle game operator’s day by actually winning!  Her prize was ANYTHING they had, so she went with the gigantic stuffed giraffe.


We had some trouble getting it into the front seat.







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