Scouting The North Florida Fair

Every fall the North Florida Fair roles into Tallahassee for roughly a week and a half of amazingly expensive fun, frolic and food.  Captain Calamari and I went out to the fair grounddscn1281s earlier in the week hoping to see some of the rides being put together, but found that the big ones were already complete, probably so they could get inspected with enough time to fix whatever failed (one can hope of course…).  But the biggest surprise of our scouting trip was that a large percentage of the rides are being provided by the James E. Strates Shows, which is the only remaining midway to travel on the rails.  This means we missed the REAL show which must have occurred Monday or earlier: the unloaded of the train and transfer of the midway from the tracks to the fair grounds!  And of course yet again this year I’m scheduled to be out of town when the fair ends, so we’ll miss the breakdown and loading again as well.


In any case we got some pics of the fair before it opened, and then earlier today we went to experience it in all its glory (see next post).


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