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Daytona Beach – just after Hurricane Matthew – October 13 2016

Daytona Beach just after Hurricane Matthew, October 13, 2016.  This first group of pictures is on A1A and the Hilton Hotel.  The hotel I was originally booked in for the night, The Plaza, didn’t are too well as you can see; in fact it looked a bit like The Tower of Terror in one picture.  The Hilton didn’t fare any better, and was being vacuumed out floor by floor, and looks like they got a whole new set of furniture as well.  Finally you can see the damage the tide surge did to the metal railings on the boardwalk.  In the next group we’ll see how the Boardwalk itself fared…


You’d think the older part of the ocean front would fare worse, but then again there’s a reason its the oldest part, right?  The only “major” damage Joyland had was some water got into the Skee Ball games, but I was told they needed a good cleaning anyway and would be fully operational again the next day (they were).  Mardi Gras had a bit more damage, although only comsmetic: one of the heads was blown off and found a few blocks away.  I was told they would be replacing it soon.  Aside from more railing damage.

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