So Long Lafayette – April 2014

Lafayette Motel
Tallahassee, FL
April 22, 2014
This is another one from the old Blog Host that stayed in draft mode forever.  It was uploaded on June 11, 2016 but the pictures are from 2014.  The pictures were also taken on an older phone so the quality and size aren’t as good as we’re getting now.


The Lafayette Motel in downtown Tallahassee, FL was typical of those mid-century motels that dotted the small town landscape.  From t

he street, it appeared to be almost a hole in the wall (and I’m sure it had its fair share of those), but, in reality, it was a fairly large place, as we’ll see in a bit.

I knew that at some point soon this place would go the way of all things and I’d intended to stop and explore for years, and then one day in early 2014  on the way through town I noticed the dreaded

So Long Lafayette

sign which foretold the inevitable was on its way….

Here are the pictures I took that afternoon, and I’ll post an update once I’ve made a return trip with the Purple Picture Taker so you can see what wonderful brand new soon-to-be rat hole they’ve replaced it with.



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