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The Collegiate Village Inn – Tallahassee, FL

Built in 1971, this was a 160 unit motel with what was billed as a large lobby area, restaurant and conference rooms.  It was two stories with concrete block construction and a brick veneer. The property was 3.4 acres and zoned CP “Commercial” with 400 feet frontage and a full median cut. The 2007 property taxes were $34,700.00.  

My one “connection” to this dive was that back when I was a freshman at FSU this is where my parents stayed the one time they came to Tallahassee.  I’d like to be able to say it wasn’t such a dive back in 1991, and in truth it was at least a viable joint then, but it still wasn’t the Waldorf.  And by late 2013 it was pretty much written off and slated for demolition.  I was able to get the first set of photos before the actual demo began, and then the second and third batches of pictures while the wrecking balls were flying.

Before we get to the “current” pictures, here’s a little background on the old place.


This picture was found somewhere on the internets and appears to be not too long before the death sentence on the CVI was written.  

Another picture from the internet and again probably a within a few years of its demise.

Based on the state of the pool when I was there I’m actually amazed at how good it looks in these two pictures.  

These two pictures must be of the “conference rooms” that are advertised.  Not sure when they were taken but I’m guessing most of the decor and furniture was there for the duration of its life, all 43 years.

Another, much older shot of the pool area.  This one just feels like the ’70’s.

And probably one of my favorite “found” pictures, the lobby.  I so wished I’d gotten over there before it was boarded up to see just how close to this it probably still looked at the end.

November 8, 2013  

Things don’t look good for the old girl…


The main entrance all boarded up.

The side area, probably the old restaruant entrance.  I haven’t found anything online about the resaurant, but I’m guessing that based on its location in the main building it was more than a small coffee shop.  Maybe someone will read this and send in some pictures or anecdotes about what kind of food joint they had back in the day, and even at the end.

Another of the boarded up main entrance.  I bet those old leather couches are still there just behind the wood.

I’m actually impressed with the graffiti, not bad for Tally.

All the rooms were boarded up as well.  

And here’s the old pool area.  I think they forgot to clean it out since…1999!

And there, back in the distance, is the future…

Here’s the back of the restaurant area, again it seems that it was a pretty decent sized place.

I’m not sure what type of peddlers would be hanging around here, but OK.

February 20, 2014

The wrecking ball has started its slow but steady swing and the old bird is slowly falling down into herself…

The boards are off the doors and windows, and in fact most of the doors and windows themselves have begun to come off.

The tractor that was lurking in the distance last time seems to have done some real damage already.

I’m hoping this place didn’t have its own septic tank, and I’m really hoping this guy isn’t pumping it just now if it did!

March 14, 2014

“Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away…”

And then it was gone.  Nothing left to even hint that a hotel and restaurant ever stood here.

And soon the darkness…













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