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The Other Place – Ormond Beach, FL

I stopped into The Other Place, or rather the place formerly known as The Other Place, in July 2017 to snap a few pics before some greedy developer snags up this prime slice of real estate (now that the Hard Rock is in town I’m sure there’s going to be a development buzz….).  I vaguely remember hearing about this joint back in the 80’s/early 90’s, but I’m almost positive I never graced its doors.  The same can’t be said for the folks over on The Other Place’s FaceBook page, which I’d suggest you go peruse if you’re interested in the good old days.  But back in the present, things don’t look too shaking for The Other Place, or the restaurant that was attached to it.  I’m guessing it was originally something like an IHOP, but at the end it had become a Waffle House of all things (take a look at the pic from Google Maps in 2007, its like IHOP and the Waffle House had a kid!).


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