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New Smyrna Beach – November 2016

A few snaps from our Thanksgiving 2016 trip to New Smyrna Beach (with the DeLand group to follow).  We made a pilgrimage to The Bob Ross Art Workshop and Gallery, which was right next to the wonderful Schnaps ‘N Stuff and a brand new(!) Twistee Treat, still having the chocolate painted on!  Right across from out hotel was the New Smyrna Beach Shuffle Board Club, which is a wonderful relic, and still heavily used it seems.  The rest of downtown NSB is still mostly intact without modern encroachment, but I fear that its days in that state are numbered.  While the Hampton Inn (our hotel) has been there for a while there is a new Marriott going in beach-side, and I bet that will be the tipping point, and soon all the riff-raff money grubbing carpetbaggers will swoop in and ruin one of the last vestiges of old Florida, yet again.

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