Old Coke Bottling Plant – Tallahassee, FL


A few pictures of the old Coca-cola Bottling Plant in the so-called “All Saints District” of Tallahassee.  This dates back to when this part of town was the “industrial” hub of the area, mainly because its adjacent to the main rail artery of the region.  Most of the building in the area have either been demolished (and Hampton Inns, Marriotts or town-houses have been erected in their place, as if we need ANY of that crap), but this one still stands, for now.  There was talk in 2016 of a former County Councilman (who also owns a construction outfit, go figure) was planning on converting this into high-end apartments (there doesn’t seem to be any other kind in the area), but thus far it appears that the poor old former Graft-and-corruption, er, I mean Councilman, hasn’t made much headway (yay!).   So here for your consideration is The Old Tallahassee Coca-cola Bottling Plant, while it lasts…

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