Calvary Baptist Church – DeLand, FL

Calvary Baptist Church was my family’s church for decades.  This was the church my father went to when he was a kid, and of course the one my brother and I both went to when we were kids.  My father was baptized by Rev. Leslie Colding…who also happens to be the same person my mother was baptized by, but at Peoria Baptist in Peirson, FL about 40 miles north of here.  And it turns out most of my aunts and uncles from BOTH sides were dunked by Rev Colding as well, as was my brother.  You see, Rev C apparently was at both churches more than once during about a thirty/forty year period.  He was even there when I was a kid, although missed dunking me by a few years.  At some point in the late 1970’s the church decided they needed a dedicated fellowship hall, and at some of the old timers urging (not the least of which was my father, who helped plan and build the place; I can vividly remember the blue prints spread across our kitchen table.), the new fellowship hall was named after Rev. Colding, Colding Hall.

Here are a few snaps I took back in September 2013 of the joint.

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