Mannheim Germany – Patton’s Accident Site

“Never let the enemy pick the battle site.”


I saw the original “Patton” on a double VHS when I was a kid and loved it.   I call the original because there actually was a made-for-TV sequel made in the 80’s about Patton’s last days,  in which we watch George C.  Scott reprise his role as the General,  and spend most of the two hours on his back in traction.   You see,  after single-handedly winning WWII the General did not just fade away; he was taken out by a freak accident (or was it…) a few days before he was scheduled to go “home”.  And it turns out the exact location of Patton’s unfortunate accident is right across the street from my office in Mannheim, which is cool in a weird kind of way, right?  This is a view from our break room window.

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