The day after Black Friday 2018, so Black Saturday?, what I would guess is still traditionally a busy shopping day, we risked a trip to what was once known as The Tallahassee Mall, now The Center of Tallahassee (even though its on the north side of town…), thinking that since the Big Game (UF/FSU) was being played at that time (and at a location much closer to the actual center of Tallahassee…) we would be relatively OK.  How wrong we were!  We were so OK it was actually a little surprising: there was about 10 other people IN THE ENTIRE PLACE!  Which after looking around became less surprising, once we realized that on this end of “the mall” there are only four things still open: AMC, Cold Stone Creamery, Advanced Cutz and Shavez, and Belks.  That’s it.  Beyond that there is nothing until you get to the “new” outside portion of the mall (where the doors were locked, and should have been our first big clue as to what lied ahead).  In fact you can no longer even GET to that long stretch of former mall, its either locked up, or blocked off.  We found out later that the carpetbaggers who took of the place, and ripped it apart, have leased out most of it to The State of Florida for offices, and they “gently” pushed all those stores out over the last few months.  So to be clear, a decent number of stores, which employed a decent number of people, and paid rent and taxes, were pushed, in most cases, out of business, so that a State agency can come in, use our tax dollars for rent, not employee a single new person, and take away an entire shopping area from the community.  Well done capitalism, well done.

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