Following on from a couple of recent posts (here and here) I came across some relics of the original Walt Disney World Village in a book I got back in 1988 when I attended an art class at Disney World (for Junior High Art Club, an early boondoggle).

First we have Louie Bellson in “The Village Lounge” (what, did you really think EPCOT was the first place in Disney World you could get booze?), followed by signs for the Village Pavilion, Verendah Restaurant and Ice Cream Fountain (sponsored by Borden), then the original sign for The Empress Lilly Riverboat Restaurant, and finally the sign for Sir Edwards Haberdasher shop.  The Louie Bellson poster is from 1978, based on its copyright, and the rest are from around 1980 when this book was originally printed.

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