The Silver Slipper was one of those places that could only exist in a small backwoods southern capitol city like Tallahassee.  For 71 years it hosted all sorts of celebrities, politicians, crooks, etc (how could they tell them apart?).  It’s original location was south of town closer to the Capitol itself.  And this version lasted into 2009, four years after the Florida Legislature made it illegal for lobbyists to pick up the dinner tab for lawmakers (although I’m sure there are ways around that…), mainly because this was one of THE places for that type of graft and corruption to flourish; they even had “private” dining booths, and rooms, just for that reason!  I only went to the restuarant three or four times and was never overly impressed.  I was at the bar only a few more times, and back then I was a bit on the young side (early 30’s) to be there (average age looked to be mid-60’s, although it was probably closer to early 50’s [they didn’t weather well]).

But there is one time that sticks in my memory: we’d just finished a long full-day workshop at my office when my boss, who had flown in from NJ for the meetings and was a very, VERY NJ type of guy, asked what the options were for dinner.  One of the true-blue southern guys at the meeting piped up with “I thought we’d take you to the Silver Slipper.”  At which point my boss, in a very deliberate NJ accent, replied with “And what par-tic-u-lar ac-tiv-i-ties would be o-ccuring at that es-stab-lish-ment?”  At which point my co-worker (also from NJ) and myself excused ourselves from the room and proceeded to die laughing at his thought and the manner in which it was delivered). I’m sure based on the name and the location he assumed there was going to be some form of illicit frivolity in store. And based on the lobbyists and lawmakers present that night he wouldn’t have been wrong, just not exactly the type of illicit behavior he was thinking.

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